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Going by the 2013 statistics, PHP is installed on over 240 million sites and 2.1 million Web servers worldwide. The statistics clearly reflect the importance of language and their applications worldwide. Thus, the employment opportunities in PHP are breath-taking, the companies need to develop dynamic websites to promote themselves on a larger scale.

If a student is planning to build a career in web technology then learning PHP will be very beneficial in terms of job opportunities and as per salary offered.

In India, the number of PHP developers are growing in leaps and bounds in recent years. India jumped to the second position in the PHP developers almost surpassing the United States is in first place.

Get a PHP training from the basics, cutting edge topics, and certification. Our course provides concrete examples and interactivity to provide a solid and practical experience in the PHP training. So, get ready to sharpen your skills and add new development practices at Sharpnerz.

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  • Brief Introduction to Client Server Architecture.
  • Introduction to Web Applications and Standalone Applications.
  • Introduction to Internet Address(url), IP Address, Domain Name System.
  • Introduction to HTTP, SMTP, POP and related Servers.
  • Overview of Web browser.
Introduction to XAMPP, WAMP, LAMP Packages
  • Introduction to Client Side and Server Side Scripting Languages.
  • How a Web Server Processes a PHP page.
  • A brief introduction and history of PHP.
  • Advantages and Features of PHP.
PHP Fundamentals
  • Syntax, Delimiters, Operators, Comments, Variables, Control Structures, Functions, String Interpolation, Adjoining Interpolation, Arrays and Array Functions.
Escaping from PHP…..… Learning Client Side Working
  • Introduction to HTML and Designing Webpages with HTML.
  • Introduction to CSS and applying CSS to simple HTML Webpages.
  • Introduction to Java Script, Client Side Validations, Controlling user’s actions.
Coming back to PHP
  • Baking Webpages with the Combined Power of HTML, CSS and PHP
  • Working with HTTP Requests.
  • Working with Date and Time.
  • Working with Sessions and Cookies.
  • Uploading Files from Client to Server.
  • SSI(Server Side Includes)
Escaping Again from PHP
  • Learning Back End Working with MySQL  DDL, DML, Aggregate
  • Functions, Keys and Constraints and Joins etc.
Coming back with extensive power of MySQL
  • Learning Advance PHP Concepts (PHP 5.2.9)
  • Front End to Back End Connectivity
  • Binding controls with Database
  • Paging
  • File Handling
  • PHP and OOP
  • Exception Handling
  • Security
  • E-mail Handling
  • Problems and their solutions in PHP Programming (Debugging)
Options in Advance PHP (Any One will be covered)
  • PHP and XML, Graphics, Web services, PHP and AJAX, JOOMLA, CakePHP etc.
  • Helps a student get an in-depth knowledge about Software development life cycle.
  • Students get to apply what they learn in their course curriculum.
  • A Live Job-like experience for students.
  • Helpful to a student in deciding the kind of specialisation they want to pursue.
  • Learn and interact with Experts.
  • A Training Program based on practical needs of an organisation.
  • Trainees get a thorough insight into Industry Standards.
  • Hands on experience of the Latest Technologies.
  • Receive an unparalleled education on the art of personality development with focused attention on every trainee to gear them up for corporate exposure.
  • 100% Placement Assistance to trainees post their course completion.
  • One of the most preferred Certifications in Top MNC’s.
  • Practical implementation of Technology.
  • An environment of Job-like Life to understand the work culture.
  • Makes it easier for a student to choose the kind of specialization they would want to go with.
  • Learn from the Developers themselves to get to know the finer details.
  • One of the most preferred Certifications in Top MNC’s.
  • 1:1 Training(Limited batches with 1 Trainee 1 PC).

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