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Winter Training

After the semesters, the winter season is the most important time for the candidates to decide precisely for short revision sessions, as placement drives start to knock at each campus. Our winter training programs meet the dual need of revisions for placements and major projects as well. The recent hiring trends reveal that large companies have preferred the students who have made their own projects. That made the recruiters confident that the candidate knows how to work in his field. During the training period, students are exposed to the organisational environment and are also made to make their own projects. They can get to learn about the practical aspects of implementation such as encoding, decoding, programming, debugging, configuration, installation, administration and design skills under the direction and supervision of our learned developers. Winter is a great time for candidates to make innovative projects and prepare for interviews to get placements. So make a move and decide your future, contact Sharpnerz and we will guide you with the best solution possible.

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